In 1882, a Pennsylvania judge put pen to paper and Church of the Advent was born.

With the signing of that charter, a small, dedicated group of Episcopalians-- who had previously worshipped together in places like the town's Unicorn Tavern--officially became a parish.

In 1886, Church of the Advent constructed its first church on South Broad Street and began a long career of service to Episcopalians and the Kennett Square community. 

The original church was built shortly after the death of Kennett's world-famous citizen, writer Bayard Taylor, and donations came in from many prominent Americans of the day--Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, author Mark Twain, and poet James Russell Lowell among them--  to install stained-glass windows in Taylor's memory. These windows are on display in the church today (and grace this digital page)!  Several of the windows are also dedicated to Theodore Hadley, Kennett resident and a member of our first vestry.  

By the mid-1950s, the congregation had increased to 281 communicants, outgrowing the original church.  A land parcel at North Union and Fairthorne Streets was donated for the building of a new church--and our current Church of the Advent was consecrated in 1958.

In 2007 the Church of the Advent celebrated its 125th Birthday. Today, the Church of the Advent and its dedicated parishioners continue to both thrive and grow in faith, here in Kennett Square.