St. Mary's Nursery

Infants and children as old as 3-years are welcome in our St. Mary's Nursery. Mrs. Irma Vasquez  provides a loving and caring environment for our tiniest lambs. Pagers are provided for your peace of mind. Simply sign-in with your full name and that of your child. The nursery is open 8:30am-11:00am each Sunday so that parents may partake in sermon discussion, Fellowship hour, and 10:00 am Eucharist, too. 

Children's Chapel

Children of all ages are invited to attend Children’s Chapel  So while you're attending the first part of the 10am services, your child can be with other young ones beginning to learn about the gospel and liturgy in this child-friendly introduction to worship.  This is not baby-sitting or  child care so please, no toys.  

Angels- Pre K and Kindergarten

Angels includes children ages 3-5 years, preschool and kindergarten.  Bible stories are shared, followed by a craft or activity to help the children understand the lesson.  Puzzles, painting, drawing, and music are all part of this program for our youngest class.  The children say grace before receiving their snack and being picked up by a parent.    


1st--5th Grades

The goal for the elementary levels is for the children to become familiar with the major Bible stories that teach them about God's works and Jesus' love for them.  Using an internet-based curriculum, our teachers have access to online material anytime with links to supporting materials and activities.  During these early years, children are also taught the major prayers and practices of the Episcopal faith.   

6th Grade and Above

Please view our Youth Formation page under the Education Link above to see our offerings for Youth in Middle and High School.