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"There is a wonder in Christ that we are a part of something larger and greater. Imagine the possibilities, if we hold to the intensity of hope."

I used this statement when I answered a series of questions to the Bishop's Search Committee. This depth of Hope was profoundly present during our last two Diocesan Council meetings. It is no coincidence that this past Saturday, we met at Emmanuel Resurrection, which is one of many parishes where such Hope is fueling a rebirth. 

In my years as Canon to the Ordinary and Bishop, I have attended many meetings and found this one to be truly inspirational. We reviewed the 2018 budget and reviewed in detail the many ways in which we are aligning it with our mission. As we discussed previously, the budget will be transparent, reflect the values of our community and will empower congregations for growth.  

At the meeting, we agreed by vote and acclamation to move forward on two important initiatives:


The first initiative arose out of the recognition that many of our congregations have great ideas but need that added "boost" to assist them in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we resolved to explore a variety of options in order to assist parishes with grants designed to help with outreach and growth. For example, a congregation may need to build a parking lot, renovate a classroom, or purchase a refrigerator. This potential new program from your diocese will allow them to make such improvements without impacting their programs, administration or outreach. We are on this journey together, and there is a need to give the congregations that added "boost" to assist in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Budget Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Finance Office are charged with this new ministry formation.


Our mission congregations are an essential and critical part of our diocese. They plant the seeds of faith and proclaim the voice of Jesus Christ. As a community we are committed to helping them hold on to the intensity of hope. To fully support their work and to encourage growth, a commission was formed to review and renew our collective mission strategy. The commission is composed of members of Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Finance, Mission Vicars, and the Office of the Diocese. We are working as a community to inspire the "intensity of hope".

The charge of the Commission is the following:

Use existing and past documents to examine the historical perspective

Review criteria for becoming a mission and the mission application process

Create goals, standards, outreach, and impact once a congregation becomes a mission

Set standards for reporting

Assist in the sacred stewardship of resources

Establish standards governing the length of time a congregation would remain a mission

Ensure parity among the missions

Account for all other essential information and criteria to empower missions for growth. 

We are doing good foundational work in the Diocese, which will touch the world in the name of Jesus Christ. I am blessed to serve as your Bishop. 

"See, how good and how pleasing it is for brothers and sisters to live together as one." Psalm 133

 In Christ,

 The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez
 XVI Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania


Bishop's Bible Challenge

Happy New Year!

As we begin this new year, you may be considering a new addition to your Rule of Life. A Rule of Life is an intentional pattern of spiritual disciplines that provides structure and direction for spiritual growth. It is an exercise program for your soul. Bishop Daniel is presenting a new initiative to our diocese this year. It is a Bible App that will provide a platform for participating in the Bishop’s Challenge. This is an opportunity to read the Bible together as a Diocese in one year.

* On January 2, 2017, you will be able to download The DIOPA Bible in a Year App available on iTunes, Apple App Store, and Google Play. To download the mobile application, you will go to the "App Store" icon on your iPhones or the "Google Play" icon on your Android Phone and search for "DIOPA" or "DIOPA bible." It is a self-contained way to participate and has everything you need including a link to the registration page, the Bible readings for each day, an online link to the Bible in audible and readable forms and daily reading or listening selections that will help everyone to read the same selections each day. This feature goes live on January 2, 2017.

* If you don't want to use the app, register to participate at our online registration site: https://diopa.wufoo.com/forms/bishops-bible-challenge/

* If you do not use a computer or smart phone simply call the Offices of the Diocese at 215-627-6434 to register and receive a Bible Study Packet; or contact your Priest for these materials.

* Join our online Facebook group at <DIOPA Bishop's Bible Challenge>. This is where you can post your own testimonies on the readings. These responses can be written or use your phone or camera to take a picture that reflects your response to the reading. Include a brief description and post with the hash tag #wordon and #diopabbc. Check the group page or the hash tags to see what other participants are saying!

* Information and resources regarding The Bishop's Bible Challenge can be found online: http://www.diopa.org/bishops-bible-challenge/

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy new year!


Diocese Of Pennsylvania Resource Guide

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last week the entire staff gathered to discuss how we can serve the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We reflected on our work, our procedures and the path to developing processes and timelines. We also worked on the journey to becoming efficient, transparent and act as faithful servant ministers. We will continually seek to understand that we are here to serve you. We have made some small changes. Previously, when you called the office it was "The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania." We are aware the clergy and laity are the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We are the Offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We answer in this manner and follow by and "how can we serve you?" We have calendars so you can speak to any staff member, and have made a commitment to return calls and emails within 24 hours.

You will notice substantive changes regarding the formulation of manuals, procedures, and processes. We have made public our Relational Covenant. Moreover, there is a targeted emphasis on internal and external communication. You will see new process initiatives over the next year. I am proud of the staff and encouraged by our retreat.

During our retreat have developed a short statement stating our purpose. Our objective as a team is to "Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God by serving the clergy and laity of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania."

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutierrez
XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutierrez
(215) 627-6434
The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel
(215) 627-6434

The Rt. Rev. Edward Lee
(610) 949-9429

The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley
215-627-6434, ext. 109

The Rev. Canon Nancy Deming
215-627-6434, ext. 191

Linda Hollingsworth
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Kristen Kelly
(215) 627-6434 x101

Mark Klinger
(215) 627-6434 x103

The Rev. Lloyd H. Winter
(267) 981-6157

The Rev. James Ley
(610) 455-1037

The Ven. Pamela M. Nesbit
(215) 627-6434

Mary E. Kohart
(215) 421-2181

Henry Carnes
(215) 627-6434 x110

J.D. Lafrance
(215) 627-6434 x151

Canon Rob Rogers
(215) 627-6434 x145

Earl Irby
(215) 627-6434 x126

Jennie Paddy
(215) 627-6434 x118

Sean McCauley
(215) 627-6434 x181

Mark Davis
(215) 627-6434 x190

Canon Jill Mathis
(215) 627-6434 x102

Marcia White
(215) 627-6434 x111

Andrew Kuhn
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Victoria Hoppes
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R. Alan Lindsay
(215) 627-6434 x 127

Lori Daniels
(215) 627-6434 x104


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