Sharing Our Gifts

Share the Gift

            “Share the Gift” is the byline on Church of the Advent’s Stewardship Ministry page. Over the coming weeks, you will hear more about Stewardship as we prepare the congregation for making pledges as members of a Faith Community.

            The Vestry is beginning to adopt a new way of thinking about Stewardship. It is no longer going to be something that happens only one time per year. Stewardship really is about sharing our gifts throughout the year.

The Doxology

            Doxology is a general term for a song of praise to God. The stanza we sing each Sunday when the gifts from the collection are brought forward with the gifts of host and wine were written by an Anglican Bishop named Thomas Ken in the 1600’s. We sing this stanza to thank God for the gifts of his Son’s sacrifice and our gratefulness at sharing our treasure.

            The two are linked.

            It may feel almost sacrilegious to link money with Church, but it is not. Money is a commitment to make sure our Church and the people who run it have what they need to serve our community. We honor God and Christ’s sacrifice by contributing with the rest of our Community. There are no requirements.  We do not take out the largest bills and sing our song of praise. We honor all the gifts provided, because for each of us the amount of commitment we are able to provide depends upon where we are in our life journey.

            We are grateful for all of it, just as we are grateful that we see all of you  on Sunday.  

            For more information on our Stewardship Ministry please click here.

Yours in Christ,

The Vestry 

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Kydd (Finance Warden) 

Kevin McLean (Peoples Warden) 

Chris Pepe (Development Warden) 

Monica Eboda 

Bryan Bente 

Marian McIlvain

Susan Pignolo  

Karen Rodgers  

Al Rundle 

Damon Sinclair 

Richard Tait 

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