Bylaw Introduction

Now that the season of Advent and Christmas is complete, it’s time to discuss some Church business.

In the coming weeks our Parishioners will begin to see information regarding the update of our bylaws. Vestry members have been working hard on this for some time. The purpose of updating the bylaws, like any kind of important document in our lives, is to reflect the reality of how the world operates so that we can all work together smoothly.

We encourage you all to read the bylaws. We are providing two marked-up comparisons to the 2008 bylaws (current version) as well as a clean copy of the proposed bylaws.  The “full” marked up version includes all the deletions and additions, even when a something was merely moved to a different section and appears as an addition in one place and a deletion in its original location.  It does not include all the formatting changes because that was just too hard to read.  A simplified comparison shows all of the additions but generally does not show text that was moved as both addition and deletion. There will also be commentary as to why specific aspects of the bylaws were reworked. The commentary is best understood when reviewing the simplified comparison document. Ultimately, we had 4 main purposes for updating our bylaws:

1-    To realign them with our Certificate of Incorporation (the legal document filed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that allows our Church to exist)

2-    To realign them with the Cannons of the Episcopal Church (nationally and with the Diocese of Pennsylvania)

3-    To reflect the reality that technology is available and to make it easier to communicate and get business done without necessarily meeting in person.

4-    To reflect what is considered best practices by the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

We must emphasize that updating the bylaws is a monumental work that has taken individuals on Vestry a long time to complete. It is the document that governs the procedures through which we, Church of the Advent, get business done. We believe that the changes proposed to you are vital. You will be asked to vote on their acceptance once a period of time has passed to ensure everyone had a chance to truly read them.

We thank all those that took the time and effort to complete this work.
And, we thank you, our Parishioners, for taking the time to look at and consider what we propose to keep our Church current.

Yours in Christ,

The Vestry,

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Kydd (Finance Warden)

Kevin McLean (Peoples Warden)

Chris Pepe (Development Warden) 

Monica Eboda 

Bryan Bente 

Marian McIlvain

Susan Pignolo 

Karen Rodgers 

Damon Sinclair

Richard Tait 


            If you wish to contact the Vestry for any reason, please use the email address: or call the parish office at 610 444 4624. Thank you!


Please click here to read a full, clean version
of the proposed new bylaws.

Please click here to read a full, edits showing
version of the new bylaws.

Please click here to see a simplified version
of the edits in the new bylaws.

Please click here to see a commentary about
specifically why each change was made.