What Is Enough?

Easter, April 5, 2015 010.JPG

We live in a materialistic world.  More is better.  There must be winners and losers.  Everything is black and white, and there is no room for gray, let alone green, red and blue.  Maybe this is why the world has grown so troubled, filled with violence and hatred.  Our children deserve the sanctuary of a healthy, vibrant and loving church. 


As Development Warden, my job is to see that we have “Enough” – the old Jewish toast – May you always have enough!  This does not mean that we should aspire to build the shiny cathedral on the hill, rather just a safe and respectable haven for nurturing people’s religious experience.   


So what does Enough mean? It means that Nancy, Linda and all our staff have a good salary, benefits and working environments.  It means that the Church, its building and grounds, are clean and well maintained.  It means we take pride in our stewardship of this property to encourage new members and to leave a legacy for future congregations.  


And for you, Enough means that you are receiving the spiritual sustenance needed to thrive in your daily lives and to prepare for the hereafter.  We are all here for a reason, and just a season.  We have a life journey and we all have stories to tell: some happy, some sad.  I suspect that if we opened our hearts and minds we would find most of us don’t really know the true depth of the person sitting next to us.  


Faith tells us that by giving, we will receive.  The Living Generously series has taught us that giving what you can will lead to having Enough.  The reverse is also true, Advent must work hard to meet your needsso you will support the Church’s needs. It is a healthy, mutually supporting, symbiotic relationship. 


This year, our annual canvass goal is to raise $625,000, or 8.6% more than last year.  We are asking the congregation to continue giving, while also inviting new parishioners to join in support of the church.  This year’s budget is expected to maintain last year’s level of operations, while also catching up on some deferred maintenance items.  It does not include any major capital expenses or paying down the debt.  For now, this is Enough. 


As you look around Advent today, you can see lots of signs of renewed growth.  The Annual Picnic was a huge success!  The Chefs at Advent enjoyed a beautiful day!  Our new sign welcomes people to come inside, while the old sign is a fitting tribute to all who have come before us.  Attendance is up and our spirits are high.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 


“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”  1Peter 4:10 


Your Obedient Servant,