It is truely the unknown......

“It is the unknown that defines human existence” – Michael Piller

How true…and how terrifying!

Part of being human is living with the duel abilities to recognize that we do not know what will happen next and to imagine ‘what if’.

The problem is, sometimes those ‘what ifs’ are frightening.

No one wants bad things to happen to them.  We work to avoid the bad and focus on the good. Most of us would do anything to avoid painful experiences. We work to couch our insecurities in things we can control. We have our routines, we are active in groups, we socialize with friends, we work hard at our jobs- all in the name of staying with the good.

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the bad. It is going to happen. The worst part of negative experiences in the moment is that it is so hard to imagine that it will get better, maybe even a lot better, in the future. Human beings are very good at imagining the worst, but we have a hard time imagining the best when things are difficult.

There are so many choices for dealing with negativity, but most are destructive. It is hard to turn toward faith, because with faith you have to believe it will get better even when you cannot imagine the world being any other way.

Christ knew what was going to happen to him. He knew he would die violently. He knew he would be resurrected in glory. That future knowledge did not make it any easier for him to face the cross. He cried in the garden and argued with Satan. He had a choice to walk away and not face it. And because Christ loved us, he went forward with the pain to go to glory.

The best way to move forward and have faith without knowing what will happen next is to practice. Practice it in your actions, like Christ did. Live generously. Laugh as often as you can, and pray. The more we practice the foundation of our beliefs when things are good, perhaps it will be easier to believe when things are not.

Yours in Christ,

The Vestry-

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Kydd (Finance Warden)

Kevin McLean (Peoples Warden)

Chris Pepe (Development Warden) 

Monica Eboda 

Bryan Bente 

Marian McIlvain

Susan Pignolo 

Karen Rodgers 

Damon Sinclair

Richard Tait 


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