The Annual Meeting


It’s time for the annual meeting!

This is a vital time to share concerns, get information, and have a voice through voting about what you want to happen at church.

The Vestry is the governing body of the Episcopal Church that oversees the business end of church dealings. We set, approve, and oversee the budget, we deal with any personnel issues/needs, we are in charge of buildings and grounds maintenance, and we decide how to organize ministries so that the program side of church business gets done.

We have moved forward as a parish to be a strong and loving spiritual community. We have created a covenant and pledged to use it in order to be a healthy and loving place. We have expanded our children and youth programs. We have pledged to expand our outreach to families in need of transitional housing. We have increased our membership. We have a balanced budget. We are communicating consistently. We are addressing parish needs.

We have you, our Parish family, to thank for these wonderful things.

Church, any church, exists to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the community. We need to be sure the building is in good shape, the lights and heat/air can come on, and people are available to ensure events happen. As wonderful as the last year has been for our parish, we must now make a commitment to focus on these issues.

We need your support, we need your participation to accomplish our goals.

It is very easy to skip the annual meeting. Goodness knows most of us currently sitting on Vestry have done this before we answered the call to serve our Church.

We ask you to join us on Sunday, April 26 at 11:15 am right after the 10:00 service in the Fellowship Hall. Your presence and your voice matter to us.

We look forward to seeing you!

Yours in Christ,

The Vestry,

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Kydd (Finance Warden)

Kevin McLean (Peoples Warden)

Chris Pepe (Development Warden) 

Monica Eboda 

Bryan Bente 

Marian McIlvain

Susan Pignolo 

Karen Rodgers 

Damon Sinclair

Richard Tait 


            If you wish to contact the Vestry for any reason, please use the email address: or call the parish office at 610 444 4624. Thank you!