Giving and Receiving


“I need help!”

For so many people in our culture, these three words are some of the hardest to say.  The fear is that they will be perceived as a sign of weakness, or failure, or will require submission. We have been taught that it is “better to give than to receive.”  

These words can also be some of the hardest words to hear. All of us at one point or another someone in our lives has needed help and yet we are often hesitant to give it when asked.  Why?  It is not from a lack of concern, nor a lack of desire – maybe it is from not knowing if it is the right thing to do, or maybe that it will open one up to having to give more.  Just as it feels so risky to admit that you need help, sometimes it feels risky to offer it.

There is a movement in our culture to frame such discussions in a way that acknowledges the perspective of others in a kind and supportive way. At Advent, we have the Church Covenant.  Through the Living Generously series we also know that it is not just about making people feel comfortable asking for or offering help. It’s about making people understand that none of us will be fulfilled unless we help each other.

            Over the last two years, the Parish has been engaged in some hard conversations.  We, the Vestry, have asked for your feedback on important issues and benefitted from your response.  When we have asked for your help, Advent has been blessed by the support which you have so freely given.  Thank you.

As the Vestry looks to the future, we are committed to having a vibrant and growing Parish.  A place where we can celebrate life: from births, to baptisms, to weddings and funerals.  To do this, we will continue to need your help.  We need for you to tell us how to make our programming strong and sustainable.  What do you want?  What do you need?  How can we best help each other?  Our goal is to move forward in a whole and cohesive way.

This is a wonderful Parish and we are a loving Family. The Vestry believes that our best years are ahead and we are completely committed to a path of renewed growth and success.  Your faith is an inspiration to us all and your support is appreciated.

 As Christ taught us: “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Ps 121:2

Yours in Christ!

The Vestry:

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Pepe (Finance Warden)

Bryan Bente (Peoples Warden)

Collis Townsend (Development Warden) 

Kevin Delaney

Chris Kydd

Kevin McLean

Susan Pignolo 

Karen Rodgers 

Damon Sinclair

Elizabeth Curtis Swain

Richard Tait 


            If you wish to contact the Vestry for any reason, please use the email address: or call the parish office at 610 444 4624. Thank you!