Happy Fourth of July!


Happy Independence Day!

It is fitting that we have been discussing our Vestry Retreat and the outcomes of that time together over the last few weeks leading up to Independence Day.  July 4 is a day to commemorate when The Continental Congress presented the Declaration of Independence to the public. It should be noted that after it was read, the Congress then declared “God Bless These United States of America!”

That is not a typo. They said “These United States”, not “The United States”. It was not until after the Civil War, after the Reconstruction and healing following Lincoln’s assassination, that the phrase became “God Bless The United States of America.”

Learning to get along and support one another is not, and never was, an easy process. God gave us reason and free will, but we are not always good at using them together. It takes time, work, and sadly, sometimes a crisis in order for groups to learn how to be together.

Our own country went through the same process.

We are fortunate that all of us on Vestry wanted to go through a learning process together. We prayerfully discerned what our Church needs and participated in Bible study as a way of learning how to work together for the benefit of God’s Church.

Please pray for our Church and our Vestry this Independence Day weekend as we continue to prayerfully discern what we all need to continue to move forward as The Episcopal Church of the Advent:

Gracious Father, we ask for your blessings on Church of the Advent.  We give you thanks for our clergy who guide, teach, and inspire us.  We are thankful for all members of our parish family and the love and support that we share with one another.  We give you thanks for the generous spirit of our members which supports this parish and our work in the wider community.  We thank you for the beauty of our music and worship and its power to bring us closer to you.  We pray that you will guide us in our work.  By your grace give us wisdom, patience, understanding, and a generous spirit.  Help us to discern your will for Episcopal Church of the Advent and give us strength and wisdom to work together for the good of the parish.  May your Holy Spirit be always with us when we gather.   All this we ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen.
(Adapted from a Vestry prayer through Christ Church- Christiana Hundred)


We believe that our Church is as timeless as our Country, because we all are a community of faith. As we move forward in love for one another, let us celebrate our successes and our commitment to one another!

Yours In Christ,

The Vestry,

George James (Rectors Warden)   

Chris Pepe (Finance Warden)

Bryan Bente (Peoples Warden)

Collis Townsend (Development Warden) 

Kevin Delaney

Chris Kydd

Kevin McLean

Susan Pignolo 

Karen Rodgers 

Damon Sinclair

Elizabeth Curtis Swain

Richard Tait 


            If you wish to contact the Vestry for any reason, please use the email address: vestry@adventks.org or call the parish office at 610 444 4624. Thank you!