Our Youth and Children have such wonderful gifts!

Good Neighbors Work Camp: Improving the Quality of Life

Last week, many of our youth, their parents, and other parishioners collaborated with other Churches in our community to improve the quality of life for four homeowners in Chester County. Advent youth worked on putting siding on a home in Kennett.  We are so proud of all of you for withstanding the heat, the humidity, the bugs and all the other obstacles that you overcame.  Most of all we are proud of the fact that working together, and it was a team effort, you were able not only to fix a house, but to give someone a home to be proud of!

We especially must thank: Kyle, Ryan, and Teresa Bosse; Kaitlyn and Michelle Griffith; Luke and Celia Kaucic; Ethan and Graham Lascelles; Andrew and Henry Nolte; Jennifer and Nancy Smith; Autumn, Cynthia and Dave Thorngate; Judy Mason; Matt Ochs; Dave Scott; Collis Townsend; Paul Bente and all who prayed, visited or in any way encouraged our youth and their adult leaders.  Thank you for your time, energy and talents!


Choir Camp

This week about 30 talented children and youth participated in Choir Camp. This was a very successful program! Wilson and Alexis did an outstanding job working with the kids! Thank you so much to our parents who came and assisted each night. Thanks to your support, our children and youth shine bright! Please be sure to join us on Friday, July 31 at 7:30 pm in the Church for the Choir Camp concert!


If you know of anyone or any event that which we should celebrate, please contact the Vestry through the Church Office 610 444 4624 or via email  at vestry@adventks.org. Thank you!