Checking In for January 22, 2016

As a relatively new member of the Vestry, I write my first Checking In.  George wrote in a prior Checking In about what we should tackle for 2016.  I share my thoughts using George’s questions.

What is our real membership number?

For Advent, as with all churches, membership is more than numbers. There are differing categories of membership.  Our real membership number is our challenge for the coming years.  How should identify members? 

How much can we realistically expect to grow?

Growth is more than numbers.  Should it be growth in terms of attendance at Sunday services, in participation in programs, in supporting the financial viability of Advent?  It is likely a combination of all.  So, how do we focus on what is important and then what are our priorities?

What programs can we continue to support and which ones have run their course?

Programs at Advent are an important part of Advent as a church in Kennett Square and the surrounding communities.  As we explore what programs to continue to support, should we consider what is the underlying purpose of a program in the context of what is Advent? 

Each topic brings varying responses depending on our shared and individual perspectives.  As the Reverend Nancy and the Vestry Executive Committee plan the vestry retreat we should offer our thoughts to aid in setting priorities and building the plans towards meeting those priorities while at the same time keeping what is Advent a central focus.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve God and the Advent community.

Elizabeth Curtis Swain