Listening and Learning!

Checking In for Feb 5, 2015

I was recently at a ‘team building’ activity where we had to give introductions for a partner. The idea was to not only ‘get to know’ the other person, but to use our communication skills with the group.

When my partner introduced me, they said something that surprised me. They said “When I asked Karen about herself, she immediately identified herself as a wife and mother…..”

My first reaction was to think about the “feminist” side of myself and become rather upset….after all, I’m not ONLY a wife and mother. However, as the person spoke further, they said, “….Karen’s children and her husband are clearly very important to her.”

It’s at that point that I truly thought about what I said to my partner. The truth was, I DID immediately talk about my husband and children when asked about myself. And if I’m going to be honest, I ALWAYS immediately talk about my family when I get the chance. They are important to me. This is the message I first communicate to others.

So, what is the first message we as a Parish communicate to others?

My role on the Vestry is to manage the website, parts of facebook, and the calendar. I have to think about what ‘face’ is best to put on the Church. I’m happy to report that I often have a hard time deciding what to say, because we have much to offer others. We have much to communicate to the world that’s important.

Most of the time, I decide to put up our events on the Home page (the first page you see when you access our website, in order of when they are happening. When events happen together, I try to cluster them. I also try to keep the calendar current, so it’s immediately accessible when you get to the website. Many people have told me that this is important for them to plan family events. It’s also a good message our Church sends. If you haven’t checked out our calendar, you may be surprised at how full it always is. We are busy.

Once events are over, we have a few people who can post pictures from those events on Facebook. We’ve gotten quite a few comments sent to us over the last year from people who are not parishioners telling us how impressed they are with our contributions to the greater Kennett area.

So, what are we communicating? We have lots of activities going on. Our Children, youth, and outreach are important to us. And, we love to celebrate our community together.

Ultimately, it’s my personal hope that all of our messages about what’s important to us brings more people through our doors. But, it’s also important to me that we as individual members of this Church recognize that we do a lot of good for our community and that all of our hard work is worth it. We are a caring community and have a lot to offer. I like being able to show off how good we are!

Yours in Christ-

Karen Rodgers