From the Senior Warden

Checking in

January brings in not only a new year but also new energies and new challenges. As we look back on 2015 we were able to tackle some of the physical plant needs of the church and office building while maintaining strong programs within the church. 2016 is going to be a year when we as a parish are going to need to address what our church is to become in the future.

What is our real membership number?

How much can we realistically expect to grow?

What programs can we continue to support and which ones have run their course?

We have a vibrant core of dedicated volunteers who step up and provide many hours of service to keep programs alive but all too often programs rely on one individual to keep it going. What happens when that person is no longer available to provide that leadership? Are we preparing new leadership to take over?

Financially we must look realistically at our ability to support current programs and provide the necessary funding to keep our physical assets in good condition for future generations. We have a very dedicated staff that has stepped up to complete tasks previously done by others, as we have worked to reduce our overall personnel costs.

Reverend Nancy has provided great leadership to our parish. We all need to offer our support with time, talent and prayer to make our ministry as a congregation successful. Thank God she has committed to us until 2021 to provide a steady hand as we move into unchartered territory.

The Reverend Nancy and the Vestry Executive committee are planning for a March vestry retreat where we hope to address some of these very important issues. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have that can help us set up the priorities of the future. What do you see and how do we get there?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve God and the Advent community.


George James

Senior Warden