Celebration of Stewardship

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Annual Giving Campaign Celebration


This coming Sunday is our celebration of the culmination of our Annual Giving Campaign for 2017.  There are three pieces of information we would like you to know.


First, we are asking that each person, young and old, bring a token of their ministry in the world to be blessed during the Prayers of the People.  In the past we have seen flowers, dolls, keys, a miniature car, a stethoscope, and knitting needles.  Be creative.  Think of all the ministries you are involved in and bring something that represents that ministry, your time, talents and treasure, to be placed on the altar and blessed during our worship service, and then taken back home.


Secondly, we are asking that as you come forward to receive communion, you offer your pledge card, either the original, or the green facsimile to be handed out by the ushers for those who have already submitted a pledge card or online pledge.  There will be a basket on the table at the front of the stairway.


Thirdly, we ask that you join us for a celebration brunch.  We are blessed with an abundance of blessings in this church and to celebrate those blessings, we gather to share a meal.  What better way to celebrate!  Brunch will be available from 8:30 -9:45am and followed by the final segment of our educational presentation on the Gospel of John, by Professor Steve Taylor.


Thank you for your support and participation in this annual campaign.  Shalom!


Nancy Hauser+