Celebration of Ordination

This Sunday, we are coming together to celebrate the 60 th anniversary of the Rev. Kirk's ordination into the Priesthood. We are honored to bear witness and celebrate such a momentous occasion. 

I have to admit, that I was at a loss at first on how to even contemplate and reflect on any anniversary of ordination, never mind a 60 h anniversary. I've been a member of the Vestry for 3 1/2 years now, and I've had the blessed opportunity to see first hand how much sacrifice and work it takes to minister to people. The Priesthood is not a job, it is truly a calling from God.

I had the honor of seeing Reverend Nancy's ordination a few years ago. It was then that I started to reflect, on occasion, what it means to be a Priest. For those of us who have experienced a graduation of one form or another, either through participation or watching a loved one, it's a ceremony celebrating achievement and formally beginning your next steps forward.

An ordination is different. Those strong enough to answer God's call do not stand and receive praise- they lay on the floor, face down,  prostrate to God. Theirs is to celebrate the achievement and then humble themselves before God in a promise of lifelong service. 

Being a Priest is a vocation of sacrifice God has called a chosen few. It does not just involve sacrifice for the person who is the Priest, but their families as well. The family support of a Priest is not only vital, but a sacrifice and calling in and of itself. The family so often must wait while their loved one, the Priest, must answer a call of someone in need- fulfilling their promise. 

I am in awe of Reverend Kirk for doing this job for 60 years! His whole family deserves the celebration during our services and the reception after the 10 am service! It is the least we can do for  him after all he has done for so many over such a long time!

Congratulations and Thank you so very much! 


Karen Rodgers