Scouting at Advent

Scouting at Advent. By Damon Sinclair


It is not well known but our church is very involved with the Boy Scouts of America. This remarkable organization for, both girls and boys, manifests itself as a Cub Scout pack that meets in our church monthly. 


 This years Cub Scout Pack 60 leader is Kate Richardson, who by the way is the sister of our own Reverend Greg Wilson.  My job with the pack is to act as representative for the sponsoring organization. With a long history in scouting both as a boy and as an adult leader, I wasn't sure anybody could replace the previous leader John Roche, who had tremendous enthusiasm but Kate is fantastic.


One of the things, besides all of the activities that are associated with Cub Scouts is to prepare the boy to go into Boy Scouts that starts at age 11. Last year Pack 60 was responsible for transferring around 18 boys into the local area Scout troops. (More or less a record in recent years) The main difference between Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts is that parents and adults largely organize Cub Scouts. The Boy Scouts program is driven by boy leadership, you become a patrol member when you join you have a patrol leader, an older boy that works with the younger ones and then over time the boy moves up to his own leadership positions. My experiences are that I don't know of a better way to train leaders in this nation today then the Boy Scouts. As you probably can guess a remarkable amount of leaders today in our nation were scouts.  


 In addition, one of the nice things about scouting in Chester County is that we have one of the highest rated Boy Scout camps in America, Camp Horseshoe in Rising sun Maryland.


To give you some of the ideas of the things are boys and pack 60 will be doing this year.


In October they did an overnight stay at the Stroud water research center and learned about the environmental aspects of and importance of our water supply


In November they are going to the Delaware Natural History Museum and will be going to Patriots' Day at the Brandywine Battlefield Park in Chadds Ford.   


At Christmas time they're all singing Christmas carols at nursing homes.  


January thy're going to spend an overnight on the World War II battleship New Jersey and then go to aquarium in Camden New Jersey and then rock climbing.


As you can see this is a very active pack and the Church of the Advent should be very proud of their achievements in building character and creating fun for these boys.


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