What's Been Happening in Formation?

Since my last checking in article in September many wonderful programs have been presented for children, youth, and adult spiritual formation. I will highlight a few of them here and refer you to the upcoming annual report for a comprehensive look at all of the formation opportunities offered at Advent.

The Advent Youth Group participated in many activities this fall/winter “to make Christ visible in the world,” including running “Meet and Potatoes,” unpacking trucks at the Kennett Food Cupboard on MLK day, and collecting money for the “Souper Bowl of Caring.” The Youth Group also reconnected with former Youth Group members who are now away at college by organizing and sending care packages to let them know they are cared for and continue to be a part of Advent.

The children and youth of Advent had a wonderful experience at Christmastime with our members and other residents of Crosslands. The weekend before Christmas the children and youth donned their pageant costumes and performed the Christmas Nativity Pageant to over one hundred people. It was truly a wonderful time of sharing and community where the residents expressed many thanks for our coming. In return, the Advent families felt Christmas joy in reaching out to others, an activity often lost in the commercialism of the season.

The “Loving Generously” program for adults which is also being run in the High School Sunday School classroom currently, has investigated how we can give the best of ourselves for God. Another recent Sunday School program explored “Superheroes of the Old Testament.” Each classroom was given a “Superhero” to study and then prepare a way to share what they had learned when all of the classrooms assembled together (preschool through High School). It was a fun event where we learned how big Goliath must have seemed to David, what Joshua did to bring down the walls of Jericho, how shy Moses finally convinced the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, and what Elijah did to convince people of the one true God.

Come and join in our formation programs!

Susan Pignolo

Vestry Liaison for Formation