What is Good?


On this Good Friday, I find myself pondering the words Pastor Linda spoke at a Good Friday Noontime service a couple of years ago. She asked the question “What’s so good about Good Friday?”

I think about it, because it’s a good question. It’s considered the worst day in our Church calendar. Christ is dead. He spent the last 2 days under horrible questioning and torture then he died an innocent man. He died for us. On the surface of it, there really isn’t anything Good about this Friday.  

But, we must remember, it was necessary.

Christ had to die for our sins to save humanity. This is why we can celebrate, truly celebrate, and be grateful for what God has given us.

What do we have to be grateful for at Church of the Advent?

We have wonderful clergy! We have amazing parishioners who give so much to our Church! We are situated in a supportive community! We have tremendous youth and children! We have tremendous music! We have a giving staff!

Without all of these things, we could have no Church to worship in. I think that ultimately the good part about Good Friday- and Easter- is so we can remember that truly…..every day is “good”, because of what God has given to us.

Thanks be to God!

Happy Easter!

Yours in Christ -

Karen Rodgers, Vestry Member