Thank You, Advent!

Dear Advent Family,
I wanted to take this last opportunity of writing a “checking in” article to thank you for welcoming us and becoming our family in Christ. Church of the Advent has meant so much to us over the years as a community of faith that welcomed us just as we were, supported our family as we faced health challenges, and helped us along our faith journey. We will always hold you in our hearts and prayers as we move to our new adventure in Minnesota.
Bob and I first visited Church of the Advent in 2001 and felt so at home that Advent was the only church we visited before joining soon afterward. Both of our children were baptized at Advent and have received the love and support of the congregation ever since. We are very grateful for the congregation’s help during Nicholas’ early childhood illnesses and my heart surgery with your prayers, hugs, and home cooked meals. 
It has been my privilege to teach Sunday School for the past 6 six years and to follow the same group of children up to 5th grade. Thank you for sharing them with me! They are bright, kind, thoughtful, and have given me insight into the bible with their challenging questions which I would not otherwise have found on my own. 
I similarly feel very privileged to know the Clergy and Vestry members I have served with over the last two years. They are wonderful people who generously give of their time and thoughtfully consider all of the issues presented. I have marveled at how after discussions in all but a few cases the decisions have been unanimous. I feel that Advent is entering a phase of new growth with a revitalized congregation building on the solid foundation of Episcopal tradition while trying new ways and programs to reach out to the world around us “to make Christ visible.”
Thank you again for all of your kind words and smiles, handshakes while passing the peace, hugs, graciously chairing or serving on committees when I asked, joining in discussion groups, teaching Sunday School, being stalwart friends, maintaining the beautiful gardens, all of the angels I see (when no one else is around) pulling errant weeds or donating mums in the fall for homebound parishioners, coffee hour providers that especially delight the children with treats, all of the people sitting in the back left section of the church on Sundays, and all of the people who work to make the worship service the wonderful experience that it is!
Susan, Bob, Grace, and Nicholas Pignolo