Live Your Faith


Helping with the Rummage Sale is like watching the Bible come alive. You might think that the Bible is not relevant to life today but working the Rummage Sale for 20 years has shown me the Bible is a living breathing how-to manual!

I have been blessed with this work for 20 years now and have worked alongside of some amazing people. I have seen folks come in and tell us that they needed clothes for hospital treatments, and we have been able to help them out. We have been able to help the homeless in Chester. We have been able to help the mission of Family Promise.

A few years ago a woman came into the Fall Rummage Sale and picked up what looked like a plain plastic looking toy. She had tears in her eyes and asked if it was really for sale. We assured her it was and this toy turned out to be some really desirable toy she couldn’t afford for her son’s Christmas gift. That was such a great feeling to allow someone who truly appreciated the things we have!

The best thing that ever happened to me there was the story that Mark tells (Mark 12:43) came to life. Two ladies came in and purchased their items. They had to leave to go to their job picking mushrooms, but they gave us $2.50 extra and said it was “for the church.” Those two ladies gave more generously than most of us.

Nothing is ever wasted, and when the sale is over everything goes on to a new destination. Clothes are taken to the Orphan Grain Train, a Lutheran Mission which ships it all over to wherever there is need.

We welcome any help and your efforts will be very much appreciated!

Tori Robinso