From Our Senior Warden

Have you heard, it’s Christmas! We have all been busy preparing for this exiting time of year. Wrapping gifts, planning menus, and oh yes preparing for the arrival of Jesus. With all these activities I know you don’t want to read some long diatribe from the senior warden so I will make this short.

We at Advent have so many things to be thankful for at this time of year. We have great clergy, great volunteers, wonderful support staff and beautiful grounds. We worship every week in a warm comfortable building while the winds of winter or the humidity of summer make the outside so uncomfortable.

Sad to say some in our community do not share the same comforts that we at Advent have come to expect. As we host family promise this week it makes me sad to think that in this land of plenty we have children spending the most joyous time of year in a church basement. I know it’s better to be in a church than not have any place to lay your head but I am sure thankful I’m not in that situation. How about you? Children are precious gifts to be loved and protected from the harsh realities of life. They will have plenty of time when they get older to experience the cruelty of the world. Mary and Joseph were given refuge in a stable and Jesus was born. Our parish has opened its doors to provide refuge for a few in our community who have no place to go. Thank you to the volunteers who make this happen. Keep the spirit of Christ in your love for these families.

I want to thank our vestry for their time and energy they put forth working through the issues facing Advent. We are looking forward and not focusing on the past. All though we may not agree on everything we acknowledge our differences and continue to move forward for the benefit of the church.

Thank you to all members who have supported the church through volunteering and financial support. We cannot continue to support the program without your support.

Merry Christmas and wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

George James

Sr. Warden