Great News From Our Outreach Committee!

Great News 


Advent through its Outreach Committee made grants to the agencies listed below.  These grants are for calendar year 2017 using funds collected in 2016 from plate offerings at Advent’s Christmas and Easter services.   


Kennett Area Community Services - 

Young Moms - 

Joseph and Sarah Carter Community Development Corp. - 

Women’s Council Greater Emmanuel Temple Church - 

St. James School - 

Adult Literacy Program - 

The Garage Community & Youth Center - 

After The Bell (KASC) - 

Good Neighbors - 


See their websites for their mission, information on what they do and where they are located.  As you read about them look at how you may become involved by volunteering or in other ways to help their mission.   


Making grants is just one of the many ways we at Advent seek to achieve our mission – making Christ visible through crisis response, service, development and partnerships.  We are more than awarding funds (just writing checks); it is also what we do as a parish, and by individual members of our parish, with agencies and other groups in our local community as well as at the state, national or international levels.  Think of what we do now and where our support and funds go at the Diocesan or National Episcopal Church level.   


For 2017, Outreach is embarking on a concerted effort to refresh and broaden how Advent serves those in need in the community – making it a mission for all of us and making Advent more visible in our communities.   


We decided to propose a challenge for you.  Are there projects that you would like to share with Outreach Committee that we can see if Advent could help with or that you would like to bring to others at Advent?  Let us know.  You can contact me or Marian McIlvain, chair of Outreach or better yet come to a meeting of Outreach.  Generally, they are the first Monday of each month at 7 pm.   



Elizabeth Curtis Swain