Institutes, Cycles, and Blessings Oh My!

In the last few weeks, we, the Vestry and Clergy, have been talking a lot about our new Missional Ministry Team and the Kaleidoscope Institute. We also have been offering information about what these things are and what we are training to do.

The Missional Ministry Team is a group of people, myself included, who are learning how to create a culture of sustainable ministry in our Parish. Ultimately, we want our Parish Community to continue to grow and prosper in a healthy way. The Kaleidoscope Institute is the body we have asked to help us learn how to do this. 

The first thing I will say about the process my peers and I are involved in is something I  have never experienced before. I sat at a day and a half seminar and was perfectly happy to learn more when I was done! It was not overwhelming for me- it made sense. It made me energized! It made me want to go out and work with you, my Parish Community! 

So, what are we learning? We are learning about something called the Cycle of Blessings. It is 6 aspects of every organization that when nurtured together create a 'flowing' or prosperous place. The 6 Blessings are known as "Holy Currencies". These Holy Currencies include: Time and Place, Gracious Leadership, Wellness, Truth,  Relationship, and Money. The best way to understand all these separate Currencies is to look a them flowing in action. 

Let's use our Worship as an example. What do are we blessed to have during a Worship Service? Well, we have mindful gracious leaders in our clergy who guide, listen, and respect us as they show us what we need to do. We have the time and place of our worship in a wonderful building. We have wellness where we feed our souls and minds with God's word. We have truth where we talk and share our perspectives and learn God's word. We have relationship with our families who come with us, with our friends we get to see, and with anyone we share the peace with. Finally, we have money, where we either make an offering or honor the pledge we use to keep our Church going to do it's good works. We experience these things every Worship Service we attend. Additionally, we share these things as much as we receive the benefits of them. This is the currencies  flowing together. 

Here is another great example: Our Spring Clean Up- it is scheduled for tomorrow, April 1 (rain date April 8) from 8:30- 12 noon. It's a great opportunity to share the currencies of Relationship with our friends and maybe some people we haven't had the chance to get to know before. We'll share the blessing of Time and Place- our Parish. The blessing of Wellness is involved as we help make our Parish grounds beautiful and healthy for Easter. It's also good for each of us to get outside and be a part of nature. We also have the blessing of Gracious Leadership as a parishioner generously took his time to organize and energize this effort. 

The Holy Currencies are very much alive and well at Advent!

There are many, many more examples. Family Promise expands our sharing of these Holy Currencies beyond our Parish to fill a need in the greater community. We forge new relationships, promote wellness, experience the blessing of gracious leadership, use money resources to help with this effort, and share our time and our Church. 

We will be able to further our sharing, or  flow, of our Holy Currencies through our Spring Rummage Sale May 6 and our Memorial Day Fair. These are all fabulous examples of how we as  a Parish share such wonderful blessings!

So, as part of the Missional Ministry Team, I invite each of you to reflect on these concepts, to attend the Tuesday Lenten Suppers where they are discussed, and to ask us about what we are learning and how it's benefiting our Parish. We will gladly tell you about what we are doing. We will not take too much time to tell you. And we will answer any questions you have to the best of our ability. We will not ask you to join a committee or participate in any activity you are not comfortable with. 

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

— 2 Corinthians 9:7

I truly feel this is a transformative experience and I'm hopeful that these feeling will 'flow' into and through our Parish!

Yours in Christ-

Karen Rodgers
Vestry Member and Part of the Missional Ministry Team