Walking the Walk


Each of is on a journey and has to walk our own walk. There is no scripted future and it is our faith that carries us forward. It’s what you do when no one is watching that measures one’s character. And the real test comes when one is faced with adversity. Sometimes it is big; health, jobs, loss of loved ones, and other times not so big, like when an open door closes. Life happens!

As I walk around Advent, my sense is one of renewed growth and spiritual enlightenment. The Vestry is guiding the church soundly and its’ SWEEPS committees are focused on their missions. We are moving forward, and there is much work left to do. We can always use more volunteers!

As Development Warden, I look for engagement – are people participating? The expectation is that if people are being given proper spiritual sustenance, their blessings will support the church. If last Tuesday’s Pancake Supper is any measure – we are well on our way - half the Congregation showed up!

Advent’s mission is to Make Christ Visible. And we are!

On Sunday there will be an important congregational meeting with the Kaleidoscope Institute. It marks the continuation of Advent’s public resurrection. As a church, we will be going out into the community and exploring need. This is about more than just making grants, as we have in the past, it is about seeing where we can roll up our sleeves and tackle important problems. We need to be strong and walk tall, but with a renewed sense of humility.

I am excited about our journey together. Advent is a good church and we have much to offer each other and the broader Kennett community. I hope your schedule will allow you to join the dialog about where we have been, where we are now and where we hope to be.

We beseech the good Lord “That it may please thee to support, help and comfort all who are in danger, necessity and tribulation.”

Your Obedient Servant,

Collis O. Townsend

Development Warden