From Our Fiance Warden



Over the last few years the vestry has been concentrating on good financial stewardship of church finances.  In last years vestry retreat the major take away was the following:  Advent is a church with a long time horizon, measured not in months or years but in half-decades, decades and many decades.  With this mindset, a small recurring financial expense annually, turns into large amounts of dollars.  For example: An expense of $200 per month over a decade results in $30,000.00 of cost.


Also discussed was the large cost associated with the main sanctuary, the aging mechanical and structural systems.  Over the next few decades costs for upkeep of the sanctuary could exceed the annual operating budget of the church.


It is incumbent on the vestry, whose main job is to have financial over site of the church, to start planning in half-decades and decades and plan for these expenses to be able to pay for them when they arrive.  Nancy and George are committed to start this planning and savings program and you will hear more about it in the next year.

Christopher Pepe