Mission & Discernment

Good News!

Your Outreach Committee is making a concerted effort to refresh and broaden how we, with the help of the parish, strengthen Advent’s existing programs and explore how to encourage development of new programs by parishioners.   This is all part of continuing to make Advent a vital and supportive force in our Communities.  We use the word Communities referring to those within our parish, within our local neighborhoods and municipalities, as well as within our Diocese of Pennsylvania, nationally and internationally.  Look for upcoming programs and events in the Fall and into 2018.

When you look you’ll see a new name for our committee.   As a reflection on our focus on community involvement by Advent, the Outreach Committee has changed the name of this committee to Partnerships in Mission.

This will be an exciting and multi-year effort involving our entire parish and drawing on our Missional Ministry Team.  In order to focus on this discernment effort, we, with Nancy’s guidance, have decided to suspend our formal grants application process for the upcoming year, 2018.  In February of this year, we announced the 2017 grants awarded to agencies.  Rest assured funds so graciously given at Christmas and Easter for use in our grants program will be maintained in the Advent account designated for our missional purposes. 

We know this may have an impact on planning for some of the agencies we have been supporting and we are communicating this to each of them now so they have as much notice as possible.  We hope to listen to them as well as others in the Communities.  

Please consider attending our monthly meetings and become a part of our discernment.  It is so important for you to attend.  We meet generally the first Monday of each month at 7pm. Join us for our next meeting on September 11 at 7pm.

Elizabeth Curtis Swain