Something to Think About

When you rise in the morning, 

what fills your head? 

Are you thinking of a 

food and drink, 

the pleasures ahead? 

Are you planning 

the work you must do,  

the labor ahead? 

Are you fearful of 

snares and dangers, 

the evils ahead? 

Are you hopeful of  

all you’ll achieve, 

the successes ahead? 

Let all those worldly thoughts 

swirl in your mind; 

Then let them flush away, 

like dirt in a river. 

Empty your head; 

Let your brain be at peace. 

Quietly, calmly, serenely 

Offer the day to God. 


-- Robert Van de Weyer. 1998. 

    Celtic Praise, Hunt & Thorpe. 



As we think about Stewardship,  

let us strive to be  

good stewards of our time.   

Let us be mindful and aware of  

how we use this precious commodity.   

We only have it for an instant.