Making Christ Visible

On the Saturday of the Fall Rummage sale, it was dark and pouring rain. People were lined up waiting patiently for our 7:00 AM opening. Some of these people were die hard yard sale shoppers, but there some people who shopped for clothes and items that they needed. One grandfather got his new grandchild the baby things that his daughter couldn’t afford.

Jesus told us that when we feed a hungry man we feed Him. When we clothed a man, we clothed Him. Church of the Advent has had the Rummage Sale for over 50 years. I have worked the Rummage Sale twice a year for 22 of those years. When I do this, it is a part of living my faith. Each time a person who tells me the sale is a lot of work, I want to ask how can living out the words Jesus spoke to us be hard work? I have seen the Bible come to life in meeting the folks who come to the sale.

The next sale is the day before Mother’s Day. If you want to see the words of Jesus come to life, come and work the sale, meet the people and your faith will take on a new dimension.

Tori Robinson