I’m sending this article from a remote cabin in the woods of Maine. While my mind is on vacation, there’s plenty of work to be done. Sound familiar?

What is Stewardship? There are lots of answers, but the one that sticks with me is simply taking care of business and leaving the place a little better than when you found it. It’s more than just “going the extra mile.” It means making investments for the future benefit of others. In camp terms it means chopping wood and leaving the woodbox full when you go.

The Stewardship Committee appreciates all the time, talent and treasure which you so freely give Advent. This year, they are looking for ways to say thanks and educate you about the breadth of the Church’s operations. It takes a lot to run a church and serve a congregation of our size. As a church, Advent is aging. So, all of us need to help bring in new members and let them make Advent THEIR church. Change can be scary, but we need to learn to let go, to pass the baton. Our future is in their hands!

Tom Curry recently announced his retirement as chair of the Endowment Committee. He did a great job guiding Advent through some tough times and I thank him for his 12+ years of service. Tom asked Pete Peterson to succeed him, who will be confirmed by the Vestry at its next meeting. Reminder: Anybody can give anything to support this church’s long-term operations. Just give us a call!

The Special Events group is planning the Artisan’s Fair and other fundraisers. Mary Nichols is coordinating activities and has been swamped with ideas. One her mantras is if we’re going to do a fundraiser, let’s make some money! She needs volunteers, lots of them, to help make our fundraisers a success and to have a little fun doing it.

At our last Vestry meeting, Dave Scott agreed to conduct a formal capital needs assessment. An engineering firm will be hired to evaluate our physical plant and it’s expected life spans and replacement costs. The work will build upon Chris Pepe’s earlier forecasts and set the stage for a capital campaign next year. It is important work.

Stewardship begins with you. Advent is where you and your family come through good times and bad. It’s more than just a place, it’s a community. When we gather and sing hymns, we celebrate our faith and feel good! You are loved and an important part of this family.

Your obedient servant,


Development Warden