Partnerships In Mission


So, it’s the end of July and beginning of August and time for a progress update and invitation to you.   

Back in February, the changing approach for Partnerships In Mission was described. It is to be a part of the voice of mission and service at Advent.  Our goal is to transform and grow from simply writing checks to more participation and celebration of missional ministries and having a way to thoughtfully select how to use the funds graciously given to Advent.  Then in April, we announced our Mission Project Application to get ideas from within our congregation to achieve our mission and a Bulletin Board describing ministry projects at Advent.  

To date, Partnerships in Mission Ministry has used our Ministry Project Application to support new and existing ministries at Advent.   Look at the Bulletin Board for some of our efforts.  More is in the works.  Like more projects to collect items that people need – locally, nationally, internationally. Like a reusable bag to both make Advent visible in the community and to be environmentally sensitive.  Like supporting a local agency to aid in their efforts to educate students.  Like helping Operation Grain Train.  

Generally, PIM meets the first Monday of each month and our next meeting is August 6 at 6pm.  We’re looking for you to join us as we act as a coordinating ministry to help existing programs and start new ones within Advent.  We are also looking to bring the external community to Advent both to raise awareness of Advent in the community and to raise the awareness of programs that we at Advent can become involved with – locally, nationally and globally.  At our August meeting, we will cover a possible participation in the Southern Chester County Opportunity Network, a local collaborative initiative to the address and reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for all in Southern Chester County. I’ve participated in a number of what they term Discovery Groups and I’ll describe these Discovery Groups that we could explore.  We’ll also cover the potential for collaborative with the Diocese of Pennsylvania in their mission initiatives.  There is a fair amount going on and we as Advent can see how to participate and share.   

This leads to another initiative, Communication.  Communication means both communication what is going on at Advent and communication to make us visible in our communities.  Think about it, Communication and Mission go together.  How about being visible at the Mushroom Festival? Can we be visible during the Festival?  Offering parking for those attending?  Offering water bottles for those attending? Let PIM know, better yet attend the August meeting.   

Achieving our mission – Making Christ Visible; Changing Lives; Making a Difference – Together