Why I Come To Church

In today’s society, going to church every Sunday is more the exception than the rule it once was. So it seems appropriate to think about why this is a good “habit” to have. So here are some thoughts on why I come to church:

* I come to church when all is right in my world. This is the time to remember that I haven’t achieved this by myself but with the help of friends and family and by the grace of God. This is a time to share my joy with others and to give thanks to God for all his blessings.

* I come to church when my life seems to be falling apart. I found support when my career was in shambles. I find comfort when people I love are ill or have died. I find help when I am ill myself. I come to church to share my sorrows and ask for help from God and my church family. I come to open my life to God’s healing power.

* I come to church when all I want to do is sit at home and read the paper with my coffee. I come to church when it is not convenient and I dragged my kids along when they were young and fractious. I come to church when I am out of charity with everyone, and I find peace in the silence and the music, and the “beauty of holiness.” I come to church for the love.

* I go to church when I am on vacation (ok, not always). This lets me experience how other congregations and denominations worship and relate to God. I give thanks that I can be on vacation and have time to rest. I go to church to refresh my soul.

* I come to church even when church is annoying me. I come when I disagree with the sermon or other members, or when it seems that the congregation is falling apart. I come to church trying always to bring an open mind and an open heart. I come to church to support the community of faith that has supported me.

Why do you come to church? It should be more than a habit. It should be a deliberate choice. Worship to uplift your soul. Study to learn about God and how to be in relationship with him. Be in mutual support with members of our church community. Witness to your beliefs by reaching out to others. Come to church and say with your lips, believe in your heart and show forth in your life so that you can make Christ visible in the world