God’s Harvest


A harvest of apples, a harvest of corn;

A harvest of plenty, an autumn adorned.

With bright colored leaves, a fall festive blend;

A wonderful time for families and friends.


A harvest of pumpkins, a harvest of grain;

A harvest of bounty, and cool autumn rains.

A big harvest moon-way up in the sky;

A harvest of blessing that God has supplied.


Be grateful, be humble, give thanks to the Lord;

He has showered His blessing here in our world.

But have we been faithful, and have we been true?

Have we put God first in all that we do?


A harvest that God sees is not food or crop;

Not pumpkin, or grain, not apples that drop.

But God see the harvest of souls needing Him;

A harvest of people who need saved from their sin.


A harvest of souls and a harvest of love;

A harvest of mercy from our Father above.

When we see the harvest, let’s see through God’s eyes;

And share with the nations the life He supplies.

                                      -Susan V Nikitenko

Frank DiCamillo

Vestry Member