It's All About Community

February can be for many a month where you look forward.  Forward to what?  How about community activities by Advent and Advent’s parishioners?  As shared at the end of 2018, Partnerships in Ministry shared your funds to help Advent grow and develop as a parish serving those in need in the community – making it a mission for all of us and making Advent more visible in our communities.  For 2019, we look forward to continuing this journey to help with needs at Advent and communities – local, diocesan, national, global. 


Look at the Partnerships in Mission bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for descriptions: of what we achieved last year, of programs and news within our communities, and of ideas that have come to PIM.   Copies of the Ministry Project Application are also posted.  The Ministry Project Application, developed last year and slightly updated for this year, is as a way for you to describe a need and a proposal to help address. Even better join us to give your thoughts and hopefully become involved in whatever way you can.  Right now, we meet on the first Monday of each month at 6pm.  But, if more convenient we can see about changing the day and time.  Let me know.  Here’s some of the programs we are looking at,  


Chester County Youth Center 

Revitalizing our activities for children at the Chester County Youth Center.  Advent began helping the Chester County Youth Center in 2004. We’ve participated over the years in Youth Center programs in a range of activities.  Right now, the activities consist of Friday night movie snacks, Christmas stockings, holiday candy bags and gift bags.  We are asking for more parishioners to help and to think about added activities.   


Veterans’ Ministry Program at Episcopal Church of the Trinity, Coatesville, PA  

Helping with set-up, serve, and clean up at the veteran’s brunch for residents at the VA hospital.  We’ll have the opportunity to break bread with veterans who are in residence at the VA from out of town.  This is a time to give back to those who have given so generously to our freedom through service.  The brunch occurs on the last Sunday of each month from 11:45-2:30. Whether you are interested in coming for one or all of the brunches, we could use your help.   


Operation Grain Train 

Helping the mid-Atlantic branch of Operation Grain Train in their operation to package meals for shipping to those in need internationally in collaboration with Kids Against Hunger. It is like our meat and potatoes event but on a much bigger scale.  It will take a large group of volunteers on a Saturday or Sunday.  More to come.   


After the Bell 

Helping to celebrate the 20th anniversary of After-The-Bell.  We are planning on a celebration after the 10:15 service on February 24. Details to come.  


Community at Advent  

Bringing greater awareness, collaboration and sharing by and among Advent and other parishes in the Diocese of Pennsylvania.  There is so much we can do together. Revitalizing how we engage with groups in our communities through a more thoughtful use Advent’s facilities as a meeting place for community groups to meet that help us serve our mission of being more involved in the communities at all levels.  

More to come.   


Advent in Community 

Multiple opportunities: Encouraging our children and youth to participate in programs for the community. Supporting KACS with donations of food and funds. Ongoing work with KACS on programs they have set up to help families in need of financial support. Continuing to be a host church for Family Promise.