Life is a journey.  Advent is where you and your family come through good times and bad.  It’s more than just a place, it’s a community.  When we gather and sing hymns, we celebrate our faith and feel good!  You are loved and are an important part of this family.  


Last Sunday, Kim Hoeschel led an impressive “End of Life” seminar.  The core message was to start a dialog with your family.  While death is a part of life, it’s not the fun part.  Leaving your loved ones an organized binder of critical information is a tremendous gift.  Health care directives, a financial roadmap, funeral instructions and gifts to the church and community.  Order your binder today - $30! 


As Development Warden, I am working on laying the groundwork for a successful capital campaign.  Advent has conducted an evaluation of our capital needs for the next fifteen years and found that some $1.7 million will be need for everything from a new roof to parking lots.  It’s important to understand that we are not seeking a shiny temple on the hill – it is to better meet your needs.  We need more people to actively use our church. 


Growing the church is Advent’s core challenge.  We have to find more ways to get out into the community and Make Christ Visible!  This can be both through volunteerism and evangelism.   A couple of ideas have been floated: hosting a pancake breakfast on opening day of KAU Little League, walking in the Memorial Day parade and ending with an Advent parking lot picnic.  Fun is infectious! 


How can Advent better meet your needs?  How can we best help others?  What gifts do you have to share?  We are all on this journey together. 


Your obedient servant, 


Development Warden