Advent and Finance

Churches do not exist and continue without the power of faith.  That power of faith in the church needs to followed up with money because if the church doesn’t pay its employees, bills etc. the church will discontinue as an entity.

At Advent this means we need to always be cognizant of the fact that our church operations need to be efficient and that we are using our resources properly.  Said another way Proper Stewardship of our church financial resources will allow us to continue.  

For this reason over the last five years our focus has been to rightsize the church operations to match donations, maximizing economic use of our capital resources and for the future, investing in the future capital needs of the church in the form of a capital endowment.

In short, we are providing good stewardship of the financial resources and capital stock of the Church of the Advent and making sure our children can still worship here.  It is our job as a vestry and has been my goal as Finance warden.