A Vision for our Diocese

When Bishop Daniel Gutierrez was here to lead our Celebration of Baptism, Confirmation and Reception on Sunday June 23, he issued a welcome from all the 134 parishes in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. That made me think it would be good to share a bit about the Diocese of Pennsylvania and invite you to get involved.   


Let me know what you think. 


Most of you likely know this, and if not let me say, the Diocese of Pennsylvania is part of The Episcopal Church which itself is part of The Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion covers 160 countries and 80 million people. The Episcopal Church covers 109 Diocese throughout the United States and territories. The Episcopal Church acts globally and locally, administers grants and scholarships and sets policy and liturgy. The Diocese of Pennsylvania covers 134 parishes in southeastern Pennsylvania. For more about the Diocese including a brief history of the Diocese here’s a link to the Diocese website.     


With Bishop Gutierrez leadership, the vision of the Diocese is to know Jesus and change the world.  Working together throughout the Diocese, the vision is being made a reality by:  

  • Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ  

  • Empowering our congregations  

  • Addressing the pain of the world  


To enable the Diocese to achieve its renewed vision the Diocese has taken significant steps to maintain a balanced budget while at the same time driving forward with our shared vision.  The Diocese is seeking to revolutionize the way we work together through seeing new life in churches that were once closed; new efforts to reach and serve the poor; and the results of working 'in the field' alongside churches. 


Recent items in the news reflect the renewed vision. Later this year, the Diocese is from moving the administrative offices from downtown Philadelphia adjacent to the cathedral in University City to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Norristown, a church that was closed nearly four years ago. The Diocese will have a satellite office in St. Stephen’s in Philadelphia; also, a church closed and now reopened as a community-oriented mission — with no Sunday services. 


Within the Diocese, there are several ways we are seeking to make the vision a reality. Some include:  

  • An initiative to help congregations and individuals reimagine and engage our roles in proclaiming the Gospel; 

  • An initiative to provide reports on demographic trends and identify areas for growth and to support congregations in envisioning, transitions and development of new ministries;  

  • Wellness centers that provide free medical and social services to communities across the Diocese and a Health Committee to help parishes in promoting health.  

  • A Recovery Advocacy Network focused on supporting individuals in recovery and training those who want to be advocates from parishes across the Diocese. 


There are many opportunities for Advent’s parishioners to “get involved” and for Advent to become involved all to achieve a vision in all our communities – local, national and global.  

For more information on how you can become involved, please click on the link below: