Growing in Faith

Fall brings the beginning of a new season, the changing colors of the leaves, the sun setting earlier each day, back to routines, Sunday School begins and church attendance returns to normal.


This summer has taken me away from church most of the summer.  Two of my children are moving, one to a new state, one to a different town.  My one child is getting married. With all of these wonderful things happening, there is also a lot of stress going on and tensions can be high.


As I was driving to New York City to help my son move yesterday, I was trying to think of the subject of my checking in article. (nothing like waiting until the last minute).  If you have ever driven to New York City, you will understand the meaning of this.


 Lots of new beginnings and changes in the season of our lives.  As I share these events with my children, I am trying to impair words of wisdom to get them through these stressful times.


These are my two thoughts: 


I leave these words every time I leave my children.  Be kind to one another.  These words made me think about what the difference is between nice and kind.


Nice: to be pleasing, agreeable, amiable, delightful, caring, tactful.



1.     Kind is to be of a good nature or benevolent nature or disposition.

2.     Having, showing or proceeding from benevolence.

3.     Indulgent, considerate or helpful.


Benevolent is characterized by or expressing good will, kind feelings, desire to help others, charitable.


Be kind to one another.


Grow in Faith:


Growth: To increase by natural development, to become mature or experienced.


Faith: Have confidence and trust in each other, be loyal to a person and a promise.  Belief that is not based on proof, belief in God and his teachings.


So as the fall season is upon us, let us be kind to one another and Grow in Faith.


Faithfully yours,