Last weekend, I spoke to the congregation about supporting this year’s Annual Giving campaign: “Growing in faith and numbers.”  The message was simple, think about what Advent means to you and then pledge accordingly.  The goal is to raise $554,000 for our various church programs and the maintenance of our wonderful campus.


As I reflect on my own situation, I think about how much Advent meant to my mother, Weezie.  We dutifully attended every Sunday and sat up front so she could see the big show.   We rose, knelt and sat on cue and she loved, loved, loved the music.  Kudo’s to Wilson and the choir!


During this time, I benefitted from the fellowship of many.  The quiet word, the gentle assurance, the offer to sit and chat while I attended to Vestry matters.  This proactive pastoral care gave me great comfort, for which I remain appreciative today. 


Serving as Development Warden has been tremendously rewarding for me personally.  I enjoy helping others and watching the church grow is exactly what I like to do.   We are strong and we are moving forward.  Our challenge is to remain relevant in an ever-changing world while keeping true to our faith.  This is the cycle of life.


So come worship with us, enjoy our fellowship, and walk with us as we make Christ visible.


Your obedient servant,


Development Warden