Living Generously Series

This series is different than others we have done. It includes a series of films that tell the story of the Donovan family as they seek to understand what it means to live the words of Jesus. Each week we will see a glimpse of their journey as they take risks, experience suffering and joy, and find themselves transformed by the call of Christ. You won’t want to miss a single session! 

At the end of the series, we will give you the opportunity to share how you have been impacted. What an opportunity for our church family to celebrate God’s generosity! 

We offer several sessions in order to help families accomodate their busy lives. We have a full listing under the Adult Formation Page and under our All Church Events Page.

All Sessions will occur in the St. Nicholas Room.

Sunday Sessions will be from 9:10-9:50 and occur on the following dates: 2/22, 3/1, .3/8, 3/15, and 3/22

Tuesday Evening Sessions will be at 6:15 pm and occur on the following dates: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, and 3/24


Series Trailer 

Much of the Living Generously series is guided through a series of short films designed to help us understand and connect with the overall message of God's Generousity.  Please click on the trailer below to get a sense of what these films are about. 

Week 1 Preview

This week we are introduced to Frank Donovan, a successful businessman, and his family. As he meets with his financial consultant, we learn he has a high standard for success but isn’t very concerned with giving. When missionaries return to the States with little, Frank’s wife commits to throw a welcome back party for them. Frank is less than thrilled. We are also introduced to Re, their gardener. He is a humble man who serves happily. When Frank’s son asks Re why he is doing more than his job, Re tells the boy about the sacrifices God’s people gave Him in Israel. Some people gave their best sheep while others gave their spotted, stinky sheep. Re says, “Which do you think pleases God? The spotted sheep or the best, healthy sheep? I want to give God my best.”

 Re’s example impacts Frank’s son, prompting him to give his favorite toy to the returning missionary’s son. Frank sees the sacrifice and is humbled. He was going to give his old, worn out watch to the missionary…..That night, Frank got a glimpse of his heart and real generosity. The question we are left with is, “Do you give God your first and your best or your leftovers?”

Here are some of the questions we will be exploring together this week:

       Webster’s defines generous: freely giving or sharing your money and other valuable things; providing more than the amount that is needed or normal; abundant or ample; showing kindness and concern for others. Which definition is the best and why?

       How have you experienced God’s generosity in your life?

       Repeatedly in Scripture you are commanded to love God with your heart (feelings), your soul (security or comfort), your strength (the work of your hands), and your mind (your thoughts). Which area is it easiest to give God? Which is hardest? 

Week 2 Preview

Frank’s story continues as we find him in court. He is dazed and confused as he realizes that he is on trial for loving money more than God. His attorney tries to defend Frank, but as his money takes the stand he affirms that Frank is the boss. His money testifies that Frank is very conscientious about his money but he never asks for God’s advice. Frank wants his generosity to defend him. But when his generosity takes the stand, his testimony is less than helpful. Frank’s generosity doesn’t think Frank sacrifices much in giving his money. When the prosecution calls the other 90% of Frank’s money to the stand, he doesn’t even have to testify in order to show Frank’s indulgence.  Before rendering a guilty verdict, the judge warns Frank that the Bible says you can’t serve both God and money. The judge’s banging gavel wakes Frank from his dream. 

Here are some questions we will be exploring together this week:

       Which is more valuable to you: your time, your money, your comfort, your space, or your stuff?

       “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of  evil…” how have you seen people distracted by their pursuit of wealth?

       How important is giving to your family? In our video, Frank gave, but he only gave a small percent of his wealth. Most of his         money was spent on what he wanted. Regardless of your income, it is easy to spend money on yourself. How do you combat         that urge?

       The Macedonians in 2 Corinthians 8 begged to be able to give. Imagine how our church would be different if people begged          to give. Describe one area of our church that would benefit by us being more generous:

Week 3 Preview

Frank’s journey to understanding generous living continues. He is affected by his dream and determined to be more generous. An interaction with Re leads Frank to the soup kitchen, and Frank is encouraged to do more than pull out his check book. He finds himself working in the kitchen. Serving stretches Frank, and he finds that he has much to learn about helping people. The soup kitchen gives Frank a taste of generous living and Re imparts wisdom that by becoming poor we are following Christ’s example. Jesus calls us to become poor and serve so that we can show them God’s love. And the question we are left with is, “Are you serving yourself, or are you serving others?”

Here are some questions we will be exploring together this week:

       Scripture tells us that Jesus became poor so that we could know real richness. What kind of richness does that verse mean?

       Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. Have you ever stopped to think that when you give others an opportunity to serve          you, you are also giving them the opportunity to experience the blessing of serving?

       In the wilderness, God allowed Israel to be hungry and thirsty. How was their need an opportunity to know God’s provision?         Do you try to take care of your needs yourself, complain against God when you need, or see your needs as an opportunity to         cry out to God and see His provision?

       Sacrifice and serving can make us uncomfortable, but God is more concerned with your righteousness than your comfort.             How do sacrifice and serving grow your faith?