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Bible Study Event

Professor Steve Taylor
(a former colleague of Pete Enns),

Associate Professor of New Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary in Montgomery Co., will lead us though the second of our 2 part Bible-Study:

John:  Explaining the Cosmically Universal Significance of the Historically Particular Jesus

Sunday, 10/23 at Noon in the Fellowship Hall 


John is the "odd man out" among the gospel writers; his gospel is significantly different. While the other writers present Jesus in the context of the story of the Jews, people of God (either as surprise or fulfillment), John is concerned to put Jesus (and that larger story) in the context of the being and cosmic purposes of God. While Mark presents Jesus as a a mysterious figure, misunderstood by all and rejected by most, John seeks to make Jesus' theological and redemptive significance crystal clear. We will reflect on how John does this and why.

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