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Lenten Supper Series

Our Lenten Supper Series will follow a similar format to our Super Tuesday series. Dinner will be around 5:30 pm, with Children's Choir and Adult Formation following around 6:30 pm. 

All are welcome to participate!

Lent is a holy season of devotion that offers wonderful opportunities for life transformation. Theologian and author Maggi Dawn unpacks the wonder of this season.

Lent is the Christian tithe. 40 days which we give back to God by intentionally drawing near to the Lord. The season of Lent is an opportunity for life-change, as we are invited to participate in special rituals and activities centered on Christ’s own preparation for death and resurrection.

In this course, Maggi will teach us:

·         Why Commemorate Lent?
         Origins of Lent
         Themes of Lent
          Practicing Lent

Please click here to view a preview of this program on our Adult Formation Page.