Pastroral Care Parish Needs and Volunteer Opportunities

For further information, contact the Pastoral Care Ministry via or call our Parish Office at 1-610-444-4624

Altar Flower Delivery-  1 Sunday per every 6 weeks.

After our Sunday Rite II service, we give the flowers you see on the alter to a person who is home sick or simply is unable to join us for worship.  The recipients of the flowers are very grateful for your time and effort.

Lay Visitors- 1 visit per every 2 weeks or more as your schedule allows.

There is a large need in our community to provide visitation to our parishioners who are in fragile health and are not as mobile as they once were. This is a highly rewarding ministry and those you visit are uplifted both spiritually and socially by your time.

Foyer/ Salt Shaker Dinner Coordinator – Fall- time varies by parish response

One of the traditions at Church of the Advent is meeting new families over a simple meal. As families and couples sign up to participate in these dinners, we need someone who is willing to ‘pair them up’. Salt shaker dinners occur one time per grouping, Foyer dinners happen with the same group over a period of time (several dinners together).

Lay Weeders- As your schedule allows during growing season.

Our Church gardens and grounds require people to assist with weeding and beautifying the property. Although we have clean up days, maintaining  the weeding is something that requires more frequent attention. It helps our campus continue to look beautiful.

Kitchen Angels- As needed during the year, especially during events

Our kitchen requires regular managing, especially around the time of bigger events like the Welcome Back Picnic and Easter Brunch. Kitchen Angels help maintain order in the kitchen so that we always have what we need.

Coffee/Iced Tea Hour Volunteers- 1 Sunday per 2 months

Our coffee hour needs someone to make the coffee and put out the treats so many people kindly donate. The instructions are all laid out in the kitchen near the coffee pot.