Pastoral Care  Attend to the Gift

Pastoral care is a subject near and dear to the heart of Advent. Through this ministry we care for one another so we have the ability to share as we go into the world to "make Christ visible..." Pastoral Care focus is on Newcomers, Visitation, Hospitality, Prayer, and Transitional Support & Relationships.  

 We have a visitation ministry - volunteer  parishioners bring our alter flowers used in our services to a person who is ill or alone and in need of comfort. 

We have a visitation ministry - volunteer  parishioners bring our alter flowers used in our services to a person who is ill or alone and in need of comfort. 

Pastoral Care Ministry Leadership

Reverend Nancy

• Sally Palic


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Volunteer Opportunities

At Church of the Advent, we also offer many opportunities for ministry. Volunteering to serve is how we "Make Christ Visible" together. Please take a moment to click on the form below. If you see anything of interest, simply check off the appropriate boxes, fill out your contact information, and click submit. We will work to ensure someone contacts you within 2 business days. Thank you!

What are your needs? 
How can we help?

At Church of the Advent, we offer many ministries designed to help people within our Parish in times of need. If you believe that you or a member of your family may benefit from one of these ministries, please contact our Church office at 610 444 4624 and we will ensure you are connected to people who can help! 

Newcomers/Membership Programs
Funeral Receptions
Alter Flowers for the sick
Visitation Ministry
Baptism Mentoring
Meals for people who are ill
Prayer Chain for those in immediate need
Prayer Shawls for the sick
Lay Eucharistic Vistors  

Church of the Advent Birthdays and Anniversaries 

Anniversaries In June  

Thomas and Carol Allen
Gregory and Amy Lambert
Dave and Fran Gilbert
Tom and Rosanne Lisi
Larry and Catherine Goldstone (50 Years)
John and Vicki Knotts
Christopher and Kathryn Punke

Birthdays In June   

Monica Eboda
David Delaney
Taylor Jones
Bernadette Thorngate
Will Barlow
Matthew Pepe
Dick Greenwood
Kevin Henniing
Kayla White
Brain Lawrence
Kathryn Punke
Deborah Murray
Kurt Esser
Mary Ann Danley
Adrew Lisi
Michael Walker
Katie Mann
Dana DiSabatino
Marshall Evans
Peter Jankov
Cheryl Robinson
Karen Conlin
Thomas Borrell
Maggie Schubert
Doranne Easler
John Knotts
Kim Vignola
John Halsted
Christopher Pepe
Michele Delpier-Henning
Lauren Bell
Catherine McKinnon
Johnathan Bell
Haeoh Jung
Amanda Bell
Garrett Bosley
Timothy Jankov
Shane Esser
Sarah Punke
Kathy Cotton
Joseph Oster
Sue Clayton
Bob Dyer
Sam Kaltenstein
Zachary Frey
Emma Punke
Mark Donaldson
Kevin Forsyth
Meg Rush
Pamela Firmiin
Graham Lascelles
Brad Everett
Robert McNew
Mack Graham
Benjamin Hoeschel
Dick Bucher
Denise Day