Stewardship- Share the Gift

At Advent we consider Stewardship to be everything we do after we say "I believe."  Most people often think Stewardship only includes the faithful use of our financial resources. But, we believe that everything we have comes from God.  We are blessed with an abundance of time and talent as well as treasure. We believe that we have an opportunity to share these blessings both within our Parish and in our community. Our goal is to provide every Advent member and family an opportunity to share all of our blessings.  

We invite you to look below and explore how we can give you the  opportunity to work and grow with us! 

Stewardship- Share your time and talent!

Volunteer Opportunities

At Church of the Advent, we also offer many oppotunties for ministry. Volunteering to serve is how we "Make Christ Visible" together. Please take a moment to click on the form below. If you see anything of interest, simply check off the appropriate boxes, fill out your contact information, and click submit. We will work to ensure someone contacts you within 2 business days. Thank you!

What are your needs?

At Church of the Advent, we offer many ministries designed to help people within our Parish in times of need. If you believe that you or a member of your family may benefit from one of these ministries, please contact our Church office at 610 444 4624 and we will ensure you are connected to people who can help! 

Newcomers/Membership Programs
Funeral Receptions
Alter Flowers for the sick
Visitation Ministry
Baptism Mentoring
Meals for people who are ill
Prayer Chain for those in immediate need
Prayer Shawls for the sick
Lay Eucharistic Vistors  
Children's Worship Programs
Children and Youth Sunday School
Confirmation for Youth and Adults


Stewardship- Faithfully Tending our Financial Resources

There are many ways we at Church of the Advent tend to our financial resources. We manage the annual Giving Canvass, we also manage and encourage endowments. We have resources to help you plan for your family. Please explore the resources below and feel free to call our office at 610 444 4624 if you have any questions. We will gladly connect you with someone who can help!

2019 IRA Charitable Rollover

Have you taken your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) yet for 2019?

If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a contribution to the Episcopal Church of the Advent directly from your Traditional IRA simply by instructing the plan administrator to make the transfer directly to Advent as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). You are allowed to transfer up to $100,000 a year to the charities of your choice.  All rollovers must be completed by December 31 of the year which the contribution was to count against taxable income.  Your gift will be transferred directly to Advent, will not be reported as taxable income and will count toward your minimal distribution requirements for 2019.  Most importantly, your generous support will help sustain Advent’s work empowering our congregation to make Christ visible in the world.  To learn more about making a donation from your IRA, talk with your financial advisor regarding any specific questions you may have.  Please contact Kathy Corkadel in the church office at (610) 444-4624 or email her @  

Annual Giving Canvass

Our primary means of maintaining our Church grounds and services is our annual membership giving canvass. All individuals attending our Parish are invited to make a pledge each year. The money you give allows us to plan and grow our Church to better serve  you and the community. 

If you are interested in pledging, please click on the button below. Thank you!

 Endowment Brochure

An endowment is a gift that is held in perpetuity. Have you considered providing an endowment to the Church? Do you have questions about how this process would work and how the money would be used? 

Please click here to view Advent's Endowment Brochure to find out more. Thank you!