Worship Parish Needs and Volunteer Opportunities

For further information, contact the Worship Ministry via worship@adventks.org or call our Parish Office at 1-610-444-4624

Greeters- 1 Sunday per every 4-6 weeks

It is always wonderful to have someone say good morning and welcome you to church!  Shaking hands and smiling are the only requirements for this job!

Ushers- 1 Sunday per every 4-6 weeks

This is an ‘all ages’ opportunity! We gladly will train students in 2nd grade or above to participate as an Usher during services. All Ushers are trained in what to do during the Service to facilitate and assist Clergy in making things run smoothly.

Acolytes Parent Guide– 1 Sunday per every 4-6 weeks

Acolytes are our youth in grades 2-12 who assist Clergy during Worship. Parent Guides provide support and direction as needed to help the students stay on task and problem solve if needed. All training is provided.

Lectors- 1 Sunday per every 4-6 weeks

Lectors perform 4 major readings during the service: Reading from the Old Testament, Reading from the New Testament, Reading the Psalm, and Reading the Prayers of the People. 

Altar Guild Members- time depends on task at hand- training provided 

The Alter Guild sets up the Church in  preparation for Worship. They clean and iron linens, posting hymn numbers on the 4 hymn boards, and preparing the Eucharist for blessing during the service. The Alter Guild is also involved in preparing the Church for Weddings and Funeral Services.