Seek And Ye Shall Find. Knock And The Door Shall Be Opened To You! - Luke 11:1

Our youth are seeking, asking, and knocking everyday. Being with them while they go through this very human process is the goal of our Youth Program.

Advent's Youth Program enables our church families to be present in their teens' lives and connects them to an extended family of dedicated Christians who walk with them on their journey, as they grow in maturity and in their relationship with Christ.  

For more information about our Youth Programs, please see our
Youth Group Website by clicking here.

Sunday School Programs

Middle School Sunday School Program (Grades 6-8)

They're in middle school now. Life is changing. Sunday school is too! We meet on Sunday mornings when we talk about how our everyday lives and everyday problems are never without God's incredible love, understanding, and guidance. Check it out!

High School Youth Sunday School Program (grades 9-12)  

High School students make footsteps downstairs to the Youth Room during the Formation hour.  Grab coffee or tea and pull up a chair where current events meet the gospel reading for the day.  Come check it out.

specialized Programs For our Youth


Confirmation is a two year process in which young people deepen their faith and make the mature, adult choice to live as Christians.  Confirmation is open to grades 7-9.  We have a wonderful new partnership with St. Michael's Lutheran Church. The class includes regular meetings, retreats, service events, and a mission trip.  Conformation meets fro 6-8PM on 2 Sunday nights per month from September through May (at St. Michael in the fall and Advent in the spring). If you have a youth in your family that wishes to be Confirmed, but is older than 9th grade, please see Father Greg for specific arrangements. 

High School Youth Group

High School Youth Group is open to all youth in grades 9-12.  Meetings happen every few weeks, with social and service events in between.  Over the summer, there are a variety of mission trip offerings. Youth Group meets fro 6-8PM on 2 Sunday nights  per month September through May - with additional meetings throughout the summer (at St. Michael in the fall and Advent in the spring).