Partnerships In Mission - What Does that Mean?

At Church of the Advent, we support a wide variety of community organizations and groups. Our goal is to help as many people in our community as possible through forming partnerships where we can work together to provide for those in need. Sometimes we offer space within our building. Sometimes we offer funds. And sometimes, we offer volunteers. Whatever it is, we are blessed to be able to work together and make a difference

For the past few years we have been working to change our perspective on the work we do in the world from “Outreach work” to “Mission work.” The word mission is derived from the Latin verb mittere, meaning, “to send.” It also means “purpose.” As disciples of Jesus we are sent out into the world to serve God’s purpose. This understanding is reflected in our congregational mission statement, “To make Christ visible; changing lives and making a difference, together as the Body of Christ.” 

There are two components to mission, the spiritual component of evangelism and the outreach or development component. Without the spiritual component, the work can be done by any agency. Often, at the checkout counter in the grocery or drug store you are asked if you want to donate extra money to be given to different charitable organizations. This is outreach/development without the spiritual component. For this reason we have renamed our former “Outreach Committee” as Partnerships in Mission, or PIM. We want to be sure that we honor both aspects of mission. True mission work is transformative for all who are involved.

Upcoming Partnerships in Mission Events

Episcopal Church of the Advent
Kennett Square, PA 

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Pass Along The Gift

Inherent in our mission to 'make Christ visible in our world' is our desire to discover where there are needs in our community and how we might meet the challenges those needs create. We search for opportunities to offer positive impact and sustainable transformation in our community and in the world. We seek to better not only the lives of those we help...but our own lives, as well.

PIM Ministry Leadership
• Kymber Dyer

For further information, contact the Outreach Ministry via [email protected]

Here are some of the many groups we currently support or have supported in the past:

Kennett Square Preschool

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After the Bell - After School Program

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Episcopal Relief & Development

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Family Promise

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Kennett Area Community Service

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Episcopal Church of Trinity Vets Brunch

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St. James School

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 Good Neighbors

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Volunteer Opportunities

Please feel free to contact the church office at 610-444-4624.

Church of the Advent Volunteer Opportunities

We are an active and vibrant parish! Please look over the many ministries we work with to contribute our time, talent, and treasure. If you see something that interests you, let us know and we can connect you with someone to find out more information. Thank you! Community Service Opportunities: