How Can I Grow in the Church?

Time ~ Talents ~ Treasures

Your Stewardship Committee will occasionally highlight one of our most devoted church family leaders.
We believe the example set by some will inspire others to find their way to God's plan for their own time, talents, and treasures.

“Continuing God’s Plan”

September 25, 2023

2023 Pledge Campaign It is time again for our annual Pledge Campaign. In the upcoming week you will receive your pledge materials in the mail. Please review the materials, prayerfully consider your pledge amount and make a pledge by returning the pledge card or going online and completing the pledge form at

Our annual Pledge Campaign is important because the campaign provides funds for next year’s operating budget. How much you give is not important. It is your commitment to give that is critical to supporting the 2023 budget.

And, as we welcome Rev. Tim Johnson as our new rector, we want to make sure that he has the necessary resources to support our mission and ministry in the coming year.

We ask that all pledges be made by Celebration Sunday on October 23rd so that the vestry has time to plan the budget for 2023.

Please plan to join us on October 23rd to celebrate the many ways God has richly blessed this faith community in the past and will continue to bless us in the future. 

The Advent Stewardship Committee, Jim Palic, Chair Branan Cooper Vicki Knotts Art Holveck Dick McCoy John Knotts Terri Rickards


Stewardship is lived out in the decisions we make as we manage the resources that have been given to us. This includes financial resources, time, money, material possessions, physical health, the environment, talents, energies, relationships and responsibilities ~ either at home at work or in the community.

To be accountable for these blessings, we must answer some difficult questions:

1. How do we spend, manage, save, and give generously of these resources as good stewards?
2. What are the spiritual disciplines (i.e.: pledging, prayer, Rule of Life, etc.) that help us live into a life of stewardship? 3. How do we learn, embrace more deeply, teach and encourage disciplines and attitudes of stewardship in our homes?
4. How do we learn, embrace more deeply, teach and encourage disciplines and attitudes of stewardship in our congregation?
5. How do we attend to stewardship as a year-round awareness?

Our parish has had an active Stewardship Committee for many years. We would welcome your participation or suggestions on this committee.

If you are interested, please contact Jim Palic at:
[email protected] or call the church office and someone will return your call. 

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