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Stewardship is lived out in the decisions we make as we manage the resources that have been given to us. This includes financial resources, time, money, material possessions, physical health, the environment, talents, energies, relationships and responsibilities ~ either at home at work or in the community.

Stewardship Prayer

Generous God, We give thanks to you for the gifts you have given us - our lives, our families, and our friends - Time, Talents, and Material Possessions. All that we have comes from You. Help us to remember this and rejoice in your goodness. Walk with us our God. Help us on our SPIRITUAL journey, so that we may constantly renew our relationship with You and all the good people in our parish and throughout the diocese. Renew in us Your spirit. Give us the strength and courage to become better followers of Jesus, to be disciples. Help us her the call to “Come, Follow Me.” We give glory to You, our God, as we make Stewardship a way of LIFE. Amen

Stewardship Prayer
by Diane Bieberbach

Loving God, We ask for Your guidance in discerning our pledge. As we thankfully count our many blessings, we call on your guiding hand in making our decision. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Stewardship Prayer
by Kim Hoeschel

Gracious God, we thank You for the abundance of blessings that come from living in a relationship with You. Help us to be ever mindful of your generous grace and to share with others with You have given to us. Amen

Stewardship Prayer
by Gaila Ciccarone

Verse from Hymn 705 “As those of old their first fruits brought” which speaks about using our labor, love, and giving to support stewardship “with all humility”

Our parish has had an active Stewardship Committee for many years.

We would welcome your participation or suggestions on this committee.

If you are interested, please contact Jim Palic at: or call the church office and someone will return your call. 

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